Welcome to Ultramax G-Book Area.
Welcome to the Ultramax G-Book Area!
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Date Posted: Wed Mar 21 09:27:14 2018

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Name: Wallace Mcclenton
Date Posted: Wed Mar 7 10:16:06 2018

I ran a 04 umax octane last year and loved it this year I got a 16 exceed and hope it's as fast or faster than the octane. I used to be a prc man until I got the octane. Keep up the good work

Name: Michael Perkins
Date Posted: Mon Jan 8 16:47:12 2018


Bought a 2008 ultramax hoping to have
Alot of fun with her
Name: GoldenTabs
Date Posted: Sun Jan 7 03:15:09 2018

aRgLzV https://goldentabs.com/
Name: Dan Snyder
Date Posted: Sun Nov 2 18:22:16 2014


Bought an '07 Badmax last fall and only raced infrequently this summer due to illness. Karts in great shape and fun to drive. Love it!!

Name: Jerry Swinford
Date Posted: Wed Jul 28 10:00:20 2010

I was in a real pinch to get these parts and you guys reallly stepped up and got my parts shipped in time for me to have,,,that's why I ride ultramax

thank you so much....

Name: Craig Hartmann
Date Posted: Sat Jul 17 11:37:09 2010

Thank you Kevin Bishop for all your help at the Nationals in Brookings.You improved our chasis alot and thank you Ultramax.

Name: Robert Laymon
Date Posted: Tue May 11 05:48:10 2010

The ultramax is the fastes go-cart that i have ever rode in my life. i won 10 races out of 17 last year. this year i have won 3 races out of 5.the ultamax is sthe go-cart to go with. thanks for the alwsome racing chassis.

Name: Pat Patterson
Date Posted: Sat Mar 13 15:41:16 2010


Great Website!! My 8 year old just raced his first Purple Plate race at Dexter Speedway. He was on an 09 Element. We didn't do so well, but it wasn't the kart's fault. We love the Ultramax Chassis. We recently bought an 07 Inferno also for a backup chassis. The website's on-line shopping is awesome. I just ordered some parts it was simple. Thanks for your support and hope to see ya'll at the track again soon.
Name: Esterly Racing
Date Posted: Mon Mar 1 21:23:13 2010

Great Site !

Name: elisabeth constantine
Date Posted: Sun Feb 7 12:49:19 2010


Name: scotty v
Date Posted: Tue Dec 29 17:35:11 2009


awesome site guys!
Name: VBO
Date Posted: Wed Dec 2 08:39:17 2009

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